Wood Stove Safety With Young Children


As the parent of a young child, my concern for his safety around our wood-burning stove led me on a quest to find an adequate gating system to restrict my son's access to our stove, especially when the stove is in operation.

We bought & installed the Bily brand "Metal Superyard" in front of our wood-heating appliance, and we are extremely happy with this sturdy indoor child-proof fence! I wanted to share this information on my blog here, in case there are other parents reading who also are looking for a recommendation with regards to a safety product for use near their wood-heating appliance.

The link I've provided above should take you to the Sears Canada website, where you can read more about the product. Please note that the gate / fencing I'm recommending does require some hardware installation. The product is perfect for use around a fireplace or wood stove. It is made entirely of metal, with only some hard plastic joints. As you will see on the Sears website, the product is specifically shown being used to restrict access in front of a fireplace - I'm sure the designers had that use specifically in mind!

The product is just fantastic. Our wood-heating appliance is actually located in a corner in our basement, so it was a simple matter to merely bolt the fencing to the walls on either side. The fencing has a small, easy-to-open for adults (but impossible for a small child) gate by which you may enter the small enclosed area to tend to your fireplace or wood-stove. The product is extremely sturdy, being made of metal. It is fairly heavy, but that is desirable as it makes it that much stronger and more difficult for little ones to bypass. You can't be too careful when there are little ones near your fireplace!

The product is worth every penny of it's $150 or so price. I highly recommend the Bily Superyard, to ANYONE looking for a safety measure to install near their fireplace, to keep young children (or even pets) from getting too close. Naturally, your children will still require supervision when in the same room as the appliance, however this product provides a great deal of peace of mind.

Thought I'd make this post to spread the word about a great safety product, perfect for wood-heaters everywhere!!!